As a part of the operational alliance agreement between NAM Air and TransNusa we would like to announce the opening of a new route effective on the 25th May 2017 from Kupang to Makasar via Maumere.

The details are as follows:

Kupang – Makasar (via Maumere) 3 times a week (Tue,Thur,Sat) departing at 11:35 WITA, arrival 15:50 WITA

Makasar – Kupang (via Maumere) 3 times a week (Tue, Thur, Sat) departing at 11:25 WITA, arrival at 15:50.

As for the transfer flight from Maumere:

Maumere – Makasar same days as above, departing at 14:25 WITA, arrival at 15:50 WITA

Makasar – Maumere, same days as above, departing at 11:25 WITA, arrival at 12:50 WITA

The new flights mark our efforts to widen cooperation with NAM Air through the utilization of our aircrafts and using NAM crew.

With the added routes we hope to enable the public further access and connectivity across provincial areas. We will endeavour to continually improve ourselves and hope to make more breakthroughs.

Commercial GM, Mr. Bambang Wibowo also would like to inform that TransNusa will respect the requests by Bupati Yoseph Ansar Rera to remain flying this specific route to serve the communities of Sikka.

The maiden voyage event was also attended by local officials and the local priest parish.

Thank you for flying with TransNusa, we hope to see you soon on our next flight.

As part of our commitment to serve the greater NTT public, starting on Tuesday, PT TransNusa will fly ATR42-500s from El Tari Kupang to Wunopito airport, Lewoleba, Lembata province

The aircraft will also serve the Kupang – Ruteng and Kupang – Alor route, both return flights.

“This is one of three aircrafts which will be on scheduled delivery” stated the commissioner of PT TransNusa, Alain Niti Susanto during the maiden voyage of the ATR42-500 from El Tari airport, Tuesday (16/5/2016).

Mr Susanto stated, Transnusa currently has eight aircrafts, four of which are based out of Kupang and Denpasar, and the rest from Jakarta.

In accordance with the Department of Transport (Kemenhub), TransNusa will receive a further two aircrafts, one of which will be scheduled for after the Ramadan season, and the other on October. Totaling the number of the fleet to ten aircrafts. “ATR 42-500 is deployed due to its suitability in short runway operations.

These short runway operations include Ruteng and Lewoleba airports, and in the future (the aircraft) could serve Rote and Atambua routes” comments Mr Susanto

New routes from Kupang to Makasar are also planned to be opened by 25th of May this year as stated by the TransNusa management team.

Mr Susanto also wishes his gratitudes for all the cooperation and support from all stakeholders from the NTT community for the arrival of the new aircraft.

Fr. Ambros Ladjar the local parish priest blessed the aircraft before its maiden voyage on Tuesday, along with the governor of NTT Frans Lebu Raya and TransNusa’s commissioner in the ceremonial event.

Governor Frans Lebu Raya also congratulated TransNusa for the continual update of its fleet, which will effectively reduce the fleet age. “NTT has needed this since the outset, and I fully support TransNusa in the efforts to fully meet the need for air transport in the regional areas of NTT.

There are 15 airports in NTT including El Tari and we will focus our efforts to lengthen the runway, to accommodate larger aircrafts in the future. Hopefully then airfares will also decrease since a higher economies of scale will be achieved, and in turn lower airfares will allow more people to fly” commented Mr Lebu Raya

In his statement, Frans Lebu Raya also commented that the factors behind people travelling has been less out of necessity and more towards leisure and travel. He stated “More and more people gain interest in holidaying towards other destinations, and although the willingness to pay has increased, they still demand lower fares.

“Sometimes what the public demand is not appropriate. The public demands lower fares but they still want the element of comfort and safety. In essence, service has to improve over time” states Lebu Raya

One of the ongoing infrastructure projects is to widen and lengthen the Komodo airport to accommodate wider body aircrafts. He added lastly for TransNusa to continually improve and serve the communities of NTT with a higher level of service.