Message from the CEO


Dear Customers…


First of all, we would like to thanks to all of our lovely customers for the support and loyalty so that TransNusa Group is able to continue to complete and growth for the last 10 years and has now entered its 4th year PT. TransNusa Aviation Mandiri recorded as the national airlines holder AOC121-048

TransNusa celebrated the birthday of 4th by organized several social activities including; free inspection of cervical cancer for all people in the city of Kupang, also perform free treatment for 300 families in the Nunkurus village of Kupang district.

TransNusa also donated school supplies, scholarship for students as achievment and financial assistance to teachers of primary school students / junior Tunas Christian Efata

TransNusa deliberately chose to celebrate in a simple and closer to the people especially those who need an intention so that the existence of TransNusa can acctualy preceived by society as much as possible and to be sustainable, as well as trying to be a good role model in the social life of society.

Enjoy your flight and enjoy your holiday