TransNusa commit to provide the ultimate service to all customer, the value of safety and security uphold as a priority and has been recognized by several OGP (Oil & Gas Producers).

DO and DO NOT!

What you should know about security, comfort and safety on board as follow:

  • All phones and devices that use radio transmission electronics are not allowed while on the plane, it interferes with navigation and communication system with local control tower.
  • Electronic equipment may be used after the mark seatbelt usage extinguished using flight mode. After the sign of the use of seat belts turn on, passengers has to turn off the use of all his other electronic instruments.
  • The goods are flammable like lighters, explode (like firecrackers), material containing magnets, batteries, gas cylinders, not allowed to be taken.
  • Government regulations prohibit smoking activities during in flight, and will be subject to sanctions for breaking the rules.
  • TransNusa not provide baby food, TransNusa Aviation Mandiri only provide hot water for baby formula.
  • Belts must always be installed during take-off and landing, it is recommended to always use a seat belt during the flight.
  • Luggage must be placed above the head or under the seat in front of you.
  • Please read the safety instruction card contained in the seat pocket. On this card you can determine the location of emergency exits and life jacket.
  • Always pay attention to the safety demo well and the instructions given by the cabin crew.