Pregnant Women Passenger

  • Must be accompanied by permission medical (Doctor’s certificate stating permitted transported through aircraft air), issued by Hospital, Port- health or other practicing doctor.
  • The validity period of a doctor’s letter is 7 (seven) days from the date published.
  • The validity period of doctor's letter is 3 (three) days from date published special for transportation pregnancy problematic with complications.
  • Fill out the statement letter by the passenger or quarreling family on the passenger.
  • During the check-in process, if a passenger doesn’t have a certificate doctor, then passenger can be accompanied by officers to the Port Health Office (KKP) or nearest Clinic to get a certificate of airworthy (doctor’s certification).
  • With a doctor's certificate that allows passenger, then officer must submit a copy of the Doctor's Certificate and Statement Letter of the passenger to the senior cabin crew (FA-1).

To Inform the gestational age and supported documents of passenger to cabin crew.

Category Pregnancy Period Information

 First and subsequent< pregnancies.

 First and subsequent pregnancies.

 Normal health.

 No complications.


Gestational age 0 –
27 weeks
 Accepted without restriction
 Valid doctor&#39;s certificate
(valid 7 days)
 Fill in Statement letter
Gestational age 28 -
35 weeks
 Accepted without restriction
 Valid doctor&#39;s certificate
(valid period 7 days).
 Fill in Statement letter
Gestational age over
35 weeks
Not allowed for flight
Problematic pregnancy with
   Valid doctor&#39;s certificate
(valid 3 days).
 Fill in Statement letter
New gave birth mother Within 14 days after
giving birth

No recommended for flight


  1. Infant’s age limit is maximum 24 months. 
  2. Infant below 14 days recommended No accepted to fly. 
  3. A premature infant must be recommended as MEDA (Medical Case). 
  4. 14 days to 3 months infant must attach a Doctor’s Certificate and Statement Letter. 
  5. 3 – 34 months infant are not required to attach Doctor Certificate. 
  6. Infants must simultaneously with a fully responsible adult passenger during the flight.
  7. Infants don&#39;t obtain seats and baggage allowance, but in one seat (on the laps) of the mother or adults.
  8. Infants are charged 10% of the ticket base fare of the adult passenger.