1. During the flight, Transnusa does not give free meal or beverages. You may Pre-Book Meal during your booking or via Add-Ons in our website. 
  2. Passengers can purchase dry foods and beverages for a charge onboard. You may refer to the onboard Menu during your flight. 
  3. Transnusa distributes drinking water based on the requirements of passengers with special needs.

Our Pre-Book Meals:

Nasi Goreng

Transnusa's special fried rice is prepared with selected spices, and served with chicken and sliced egg topping for complete satisfaction.

49.000 (IDR)

Nasi Ikan Woku

This selected recipe will cover your longing for cuisine from the Manado region, fish fillet with yellow spices are the best choice when you are looking to fill up your appetite.

49.000 (IDR)

Nasi Rendang

This rendang rice has a very delicious taste with spices originating from Minangkabau, the beef is prepared with special processing which makes it appetizing with every bite.

49.000 (IDR)

Mie Goreng

The combination of noodles, vegetables, eggs, and mixed with special spices will stimulate your taste buds when you are hungry, especially with the addition of sunny side up eggs and tender chicken pieces.

49.000 (IDR)

Nasi Kuning

This Transnusa-style yellow rice uses coconut milk that is deliciously seasoned, fluffier rice coupled with a side dish of chili seasoned chicken and stir-fried tempeh long beans, definitely very appetizing to enjoy.

49.000 (IDR)

Nasi Goreng Vegetarian

This classic vegetable fried rice dish made by stir frying cooked rice with vegetables, soya sauce, wheat flour along with the incredible seasonings and spices, perfect for Asian taste.

49.000 (IDR)

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken Cordon Bleu

This menu is an alternative for those who want a western taste, wrapped in meat and cheese coated with a special sauce, and additional potatoes and fresh vegetable pieces will cover your hunger.

59.000 (IDR)


This egg omelette, sausage and fresh vegetables are the right choice for those who want to fill their stomach with a lighter portion. Light, nutritious, and certainly yummy.

49.000 (IDR)


Sandwiches with complete contents, including meat slices, vegetables, and mayonnaise, are perfect for those of you who want a simple meal to fill your appetite.

39.000 (IDR)