1. According to the provisions of PKPS 121,585 (b) and SE No. 14 of 2021, the use of Emergency Seats is not allowed for:
  a. Female passengers who are pregnant.
  b. Passengers traveling with infants.
  c. Passengers who have limited mobility (obesity).
  d. Passengers with special needs (persons with disabilities).
  e. Passengers under 15 years old.
  f. Elderly passengers.
  g. Passengers who cannot understand cabin crew instructions.
  h. Passengers who are not willing to help.
2. If a passenger sits in emergency seats and it is found that the passenger does not meet the requirements, TransNusa has the right to change the seat of the passenger.
3. For passengers who have made a seat purchase, but it turns out that it does not meet the criteria in the provisions and a seat transfer has been made by a TransNusa officer, then it cannot be refunded for the seat purchase fee that has been paid (non-refundable).